Lil Durk

Durk Banks, otherwise known as Lil Durk has been one of the most influential rappers from the Chicagoland area in the 21st century. Durk is famously known for his rap collective OTF (only the family). Durk is from the Englewood neighborhood in the south side of Chicago. His music reflects the fast lifestyle that was responsible for his rough upbringing. Durk is a gangster rapper often referencing the violence and drugs that infest the environment he was a product of. Durk rose to stardom after his released singles “L’s Anthem” and “Dis Aint What U Want”. These singles painted a picture to what Durks career would turn out being. These singles led to Durk being signed by Def Jam Recordings.

Most recently in 2017, Durk released a collaboration album with Tee Grizzley called Bloodas. This album was the first of its kind. Durk worked with Tee Grizzley who is originally from Detroit Michigan. This album was quite refreshing as the song “Flyers up” had a nice back and forth that was pleasing to hear. Lastly, Durk remixed Logic’s suicide prevention song with his song “1(773)Vulture”. This remix was controversial because of Durk added violence and rough language with the suicide prevention song.

Along with all of Durks success also came a lot turmoil. Durk has had several altercations with police. In 2011 Durk was arrested on weapons charges and was sentenced to 3 months in jail. Not soon after in 2015, Durks tour bus was involved in a shootout. Durk was not personally arrested but was seen under suspicion.

Although Durk has seen a lot of ups and downs in his career, he has still managed to make himself a staple of Chicago rap. Durk’s creativity and meaningful lyrics that reflect

some of Chicago's rough neighborhoods has made him relatable and a true icon